Organic Skincare

At Aloha Yoga and Hula we care about our body, your body, animals and our environment, that is why Myriam Valenzuela, owner at Aloha, formulated a 100% chemical free, all natural alternative that harnesses the power of medicinal plants to create a high quality skincare that give better results than conventional products.

*All of our products are made with organic 100% natural ingredients.
*No chemicals, toxins, colors or fragrances involved in our skincare.
*We are completely transparent about our formulas, no hidden ingredients.
*100% cruelty free, no animal testing, no animal products or by products.
*Products are handmade without severe heating or processes that affect the power of the natural ingredients.
*100% Vegan

Products Available: (Vegan)

•Deodorant            • Sunscreen

• Anti Aging            • Anti Acne

• Body Exfoliant    • Hand Repair

• Face Mask            • Shampoo

• Conditioner          • Soaps