Gentle Yoga

A great (but not the only) place to start. In this class you will intentionally move through yoga poses at a pace that allows your body to pause or go deeper into a pose. This class is designed for you to increase your range of motion and mobility while focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance. Yoga props (provided at the studio) will be offered to enrich your alignment and practice.

All levels are welcome - please arrive early if you have injuries or physical limitations so you speak with the instructor before class!


Restorative yoga is a practice of using props and stillness to create a state of rest and ease in the body. When the body is fully relaxed healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual level is increased. Class is quiet, internal and the perfect way to end your week.

Restorative yoga provides healing for the body and mind. It is especially useful in eliminating fatigue and stress. Frequent practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health.

Mindful Flow

This is our slower moving variation of our Power Vinyasa class. Expect the opportunity to strengthen, stretch and learn valuable information about the physical, spiritual and energetic foundations of yoga in this moderately challenging class.

A great class for beginners as well as those looking to learn more about aspects of the practice.

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa class emphasises on Sun Salutations and Warrior poses through which you should expect more intensity & sweat! Breath and movement are linked together with the intention of creating strength, allowing for space in the body, and experiencing the surrender of relaxation.

Teachers may offer advanced postures in vinyasa classes and are also available to offer modifications (please speak with your teacher before class about any injuries or physical limitations). Classes are Moderate to Fast paced.

Sculpt & Tone


Sculpt & Tone Yoga is a high intensity, high energy, calorie burning class that boosts the metabolism to build lean muscle. Free weights are combined with Power Vinyasato get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

Class is difficult, but not impossible. The feeling of empowerment that you get after taking a Sculpt & Tone yoga class is beyond amazing.


Core Vinyasa


A fun and challenging yoga class with poses that target specifically the muscles of the core (abdomen, obliques and back).

A strong core creates a healthy back and a better posture, eliminating back and neck pain.

When we work on our core muscles, our energy center or solar plexus becomes activated giving us natural energy and aid to unclog energy blockage.

Merge Cardio Flow


This class combines yoga, cardio dance, and intense muscle engagement to bring you a fun, freeing, and empowering full-body workout. Be prepared to sweat and pump up your heart to an upbeat playlist.

Gentle Restorative


A perfect way to end your day with the right mix of gentle strengthening and deep stretching with a combination of gentle yoga and restorative poses.

This class is perfect for those looking to keep their bodies healthy in a gentle pace.