Online Classes

Now you can take my classes online from anywhere in the world, how awesome is that? I have been a dancer since age 4 and have been teaching thousands of students since 2004. I love to connect with people and as you can see, I love dancing!

You can choose to learn one style of dance, two, or all of them.  I teach both styles of Hula (Kahiko and Auana), both styles of Tahitian (‘Otea and Aparima) and all beginner steps for belly dance. I am also a Yoga instructor, so my teachings are very detailed and anatomically explained as to which muscles pertain to each body movement.  Here you will learn Dance from detailed instructional videos, featuring full choreography, tips and technique with proper warm up and cool down ( a key ingredient to continue developing as a graceful dancer).


 Patreon memberships:

  • Belly Dance $10 monthly
  • Hula Dance (kahiko & auana) $10 monthly
  • Tahitian Dance (‘otea & aparima) $10 monthly
  • Hula & Tahitian Dance $20 monthly
  • Tahitian & Belly Dance $20 monthly
  • Hula, Tahitian & Belly Dance $30 monthly
  • Hula personalized feedback $30 monthly
  • Tahitian personalized feedback $30 monthly
  • Belly Dance personalized feedback $30 monthly