Aloha Hula Dancers

Bring the most spectacular performers to entertain and amaze you with an unforgettable display of songs and dances of Hawaii and Polynesian culture for an incomparable authentic Hawaiian experience.

Our elegant array of colorful attires, mesmerizing beauty and skilled graceful dancers will be the perfect addition to your event.

We are available for lu'au, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, birthdays, graduations, quinceañeras, school events and any celebration that requires a tropical flair.

*NEW* Moana birthday parties with Hei Hei as special guest.

Bring  Moana  to your birthday party!

NEW! MOANA PRINCESS PACKAGE : A beautiful dancer in Moana attire will do a hula show, sing a Moana themed song and teach the kids how to hula dance.  You can book her for 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour.   She can also be booked with any of the hula packages below. *Special guest Hei Hei will also dance for the children (a tahitian dancer).

PLUMERIA PACKAGE: One or more Hula dancers (according to your preference & size of the event) for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour show with audience participation (You select the length of time). Dancer arrives in traditional Hula ti-leaf skirt and plumeria accessories. Show begins with an upbeat Hula with 'uli'uli (Hawaiian instrument that resembles a maraca). The next dance will incorporate pu'ili (Bamboo sticks) and 'uli'uli. The third dance will be slow & beautiful with a long dress to showcase the elegance and grace of hula (dancer(s) will do a quick change). For the audience participation, the dancer(s) will teach the guest of honor and the others at the party a popular hula dance. For a child’s party, the dancer(s) will involve the children to play the hula implements, Maori poi balls and Tahitian i'i (pompoms).  After a quick costume change, the dancer(s) will conclude the show with 1 or 2 fast and exhilarating dances from Tahiti (fast hip shaking) depending on time.

ALOHA PACKAGE: One or more Hula dancers will meet and greet with lei your guests for 30 minutes and do a 30 minute hula show with audience participation. Show runs same as the plumeria package above. (Please note: leis are not included).

LEI PACKAGE: One or more lei greeters in traditional ti-leaf skirt with plumeria accesories, beautiful elegant long Hawaiian dress, long pareo and coconut top or Tahitian grass/feather skirt with large headpiece depending on the client’s preference. . Amount of time is specific to Individual needs. (Please note: this is for meet and greet only, no dance performance). 

'ONO PACKAGE: Beautiful hula ladies in elegant dresses can be booked to help you serve your food. Does not include washing the dishes, dancing or lei greeting.


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