Myriam Valenzuela

Myriam Valenzuela vegan, animal lover, pacifist, health and fitness passionate, owner at Aloha Yoga and Hula, and founder of Organic Skin Care.

She believes in the power of Mother Earth to bring healing to our body, mind and spirit. Well known for teaching powerful and upbeat classes, she loves variety and is passionate about challenging and encouraging her students to discover their own light, strength and grace.

Myriam has been a dancer since age four and a yoga practicioner for 14 years, with 12 years of teaching experience.

YOGA BACKGROUND: Maredith Schroeder, Marie Siegfried, Michele Dante, Aaron Goldberg, Jeff Martens, David Swenson, Richard Freeman, Manju Jois, Tim Miller and Kino McGregor.


Myriam Valenzuela found her passion for dance at four years old. She started teaching in 2004 in Mexico. That same year, she moved to Arizona. After her 3 children where born, she decided to continue her hula journey and for six years traveled to Oahu and Hilo to expand her knowledge.

Her teachings embrace the essence of Hawaiian history and culture through choreography and chant.

Myriam Valenzuela is a creative and innovative teacher that has extreme passion for Hula and it shows through her choreography.

 HULA BACKGROUND: Kumu Luz Maria Alfonso (Auana, Tahitian 1988-1995), Kumu Pattye Kealohalani Wright (Kahiko, Auana, Tahitian 2010-2015), Kumu Momi Cruz-Losano (Auana 2012), Kumu Ainsley Halemanu (Kupe'e, leaf gathering 2012), Kumu Dodie Holmes & John Aiwohi (Auana 2012), Anna-Rita Sloss (Hot Hula Certification 2012) Auntie Grace Evangelista, (Auana, Tahitian 2012), Kumu Kaleika'apuni "Harmony" Brighter (Auana 2013), Kumu Joan S. Lindsey (Auana 2013), Kumu Hi'ilei Maxwell-Juan (Kahiko 2013), Kumu Derek Nu'uhiwa (Auana 2013), Kumu Sallie Yoza (Auana 2013), Lorenzo Schmidt & Teiki Villant (Tahitian 2013).